Wednesday, June 17, 2015

April 13

This week was good a slow start due to transfers but good. Elder Hagans went back on home to Idaho and I picked up my greenie. His name is Elder Milne from Fairview UT right next to Snow College. We've been having a ball!!! I took him over to the Turners  (investigators) and had to mess with him. Todd pretended to be a snake handler priest and ask Milne if he trusted the Holy Spirit to protect him if the snake bite him. Milne was buggin out and Todd came back with a box covered by a sheet. Then he "tripped" and scare the crap outta Milne. It was awesome!!!!  Its been great thou, he is a stud of a elder.
    So once transfers were done with the week went great. We now have 2 people set to be baptized on May 9th with 2 to follow shortly. We also got word that Prez will be putting a set of sisters back into the ward next transfer so our area will get smaller which I'm ok with. Driving 40 mins to a dinner appointment kills our miles. Beside that just been working our tails off. Training is great!!! It just give you the pump up you need to go the extra mile I feel and I can already see it in the work.

Well thats about it for me. Love ya and God Bless
Elder Seth Thomas Dillard

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