Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 1

Hey everyone. This email will be short. This week was just one of those weeks. Appointments fell through and everyone is outta town due to summer. ALOT of biking so thats...something. We did have our Full Mission Conference on Thursday. Elder Zwick of the seventy came and discussed us FINALLY receiving our Ipads. They are going to be pretty cool on what we will be able to use them for and how they will help with the work. Im most excited that they will replace paperwork. I HATE PAPERWORK!!!! but oh well thats life  Beside s that the overall message of the conference was be smart and dont look up "stupid" stuff. They drilled that last one into us pretty good. After the conference we went back to the mission home to get our stuff (we stayed in the mission home the night before). Prez and Elder Zwick were there and we got to talk a lil one on one with him. He said he saw something in my eyes so that threw me off a lil. Didnt quite know what to say to that. We'll be getting our Ipads in 2 weeks at Zone Conference. Beside for that our week was slow so not much to report. The Perry's are doing great thou!!! We are goin to our Elder's quorums prez's house tonight with them for a lesson and dinner. The ward loves them and supports them so well. They bought us a engraved missionary coin! It was so cool. They are the best. well thats it
Love Yall and God Bless!
Elder Seth T. Dillard
heres a pic of us and Elder Zwick. President Griffin is one his toes cuz he is actually a small lil guy haha

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