Monday, June 16, 2014


     Sup y'all last week was pretty good. We taught James Stone the football kid at UTC. It was amazing! We taught The Restoration, thank goodness for the Spirit thou because our teaching flow was a little off but he understood and was asking great questions. We kinda went off course for a little bit due to the fact he had a lot of questions about the prophets and apostles of today and how they are called. But we explained that then moved on. He said he would take Moroni's challenge and read and pray about the truthfulness of the BoM. He also committed that if he comes to find the BoM is true he will be baptized! It was legit! So after that we went and played bball and it was difficult to say the least. The guys made lame calls because we were killing 'em. There was this one guy thou who was no joke 10X's worse than me when it comes to fouling, and of course he was guarding me. He was grabbing me, slapping my arms and hands, he got me once in the jaw with an elbow but the worse was when I was going for an easy lay up. HE then just shoves me and I fall and roll into the barrier between the gym and the chapel, I burst into the chapel then some nice "soft" fold-up chairs stopped me. Luckily, I was wearing my new high tops so I didn't roll my ankle or worse. I wanted to kill this guy, but I decided to calm down and blow it off. We had some priests there and James our investigator so I tried to set an example. The guy is lucky well because if I did want to go after him there was no Brother Edwards to hold me back like with Deaver. OHHHH!!! He also brought his wife to play! So when they won it was because of her and our not guarding her. But that is my rant.
      The Lewis kids called us this week with great news, they set a baptism date! It's June the 28, but the best part is when the mom told us something that her son said Evan and I quote," What they said was strong and I really understand it." That has been the biggest blessing in my mission so far. We usually feels Evan is just there and lost when we teach so to hear that, the Spirit basically slapped me in the face. Sorry to cut it short but gotta go.
   Love y'all and God Bless
Elder Seth Dillard
 Howdy y’all

          Hope all is well, so I gave my new elder in the ward talk Sunday. People said I did well, but I feel I talked way to fast. But something funny happened! So this young lady who is 17 in our ward Madison works at the mall. And there is this kinda off guy named Corey who is also 21. He has been asking for Madison’s number for weeks but she is obviously not interested, but through talking around he finds out she is LDS and then he proceeds to go online to find the times of the local wards. Only two wards meet at our building (even though it’s the stake center which is weird.) one at 9 and ours at 11. He showed up at 9, then waited there til our ward arrived. So sacrament goes on and Madison of course is shocked to see him. He was all expecting to go to class with her, but my companion and I drug him to Gospel Principles and Elder’s quorum he moaned and whined for a little bit then started asking some really good questions. I think he actually built some interest in the church. So we gave him a BoM and are trying to possibly teach him. Also every time he introduced himself he'd be like... "I'm Corey and I here cuz of a really cute girl!" Everyone would laugh, but he did that a lot. I finally leaned over and said, "Dude you need to chill a little, you are gonna piss off a daddy!" He basically blew me off so i was thinking your funeral.
     The best part is we had dinner with Madison's family that night. The home teachers were over too and we kept teasing her. She actually wasn't there for awhile because her dad said he invited Corey. Ahhh, good mission times!
    Besides from that we went and played some bball (Mom i used some money to buy high tops so i don't kill an ankle... forgive me) but we played with the Elders and came in contact with an awesome investigator named James Stone. He is 20, baptist, works at a Sporting Good Store and walked on the University of TN, Chattanooga football team. So we had tons to talk about. It was awesome because without knowing it I was relating everything back to the gospel! We talked about high school, college, NFL, injuries, BYU honor code just stuff like that. Now we have an appointment to teach him be bball this week!! SO STOKED!!!
      So for the humidity I bought a little magic sweat towel. It is called the," frogg toggs colling chilly pad towel." It's magic! Dad I strongly suggest you get a few for football and the gym. It keeps me cool and not nasty from sweat after biking.. but moving on.
     the Lewis' kids that committed to baptism  are awesome. Courtney is already talking about a mission, it was so cool! She'd leave around the same time as Brina actually. And the boys Evan and Preston are starting to get it and talk with us. We just need to get our answer from the stake. They live in another wardbut some crap happened but by coming to our ward they reactivate their grandmother and mom. So they need to be baptized in our ward!!! Also that family the Moffits have hit a speed bum, the wife is ready to be baptized but won't do it without her husband who won't pay tithing. I know we are supposed to love all but some need a tough love punch to the face. They were soooooo close. I invite all to read President Uchtdoffs talk from the last priesthood session, " Are you sleeping during the Restoration?" it's the theme I spoke on Sunday. Read it then awaken!! Do all you can to build Christ's kingdom. Serve with all your heart, might mind and strength that you may be able to give the Lord a solid report of the work you did on Earth. I look forward to being called to Missouri to build a city of God. Awaken and prepare yourselves! Stay close to the Spirit and close to Christ, I wish y'all the best and GOD BLESS!\Elder Seth Dillard

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hey everyone,
I am in TENNESSEE!! I’m here in my first area. I’m in the Brainerd ward in Chattanooga TN. My trainer is Elder McDonald. Kinda an off guy but we get along for now at least, ha ha. But my first day in the field was descent. Built my bike (Thanks McMomma, you’re the best!) but I didn’t have time to build it til night so I used a n old bike and after we were a away from home the pedal and pedal arm fell off. Of course this is the fist thing that happens. It’s bad enough I’m in a all bike area! (FYI I’m in a all biking area). So I had to get home on one pedal. So all of Chattanogga already think I’m an idiot so that’s nice. Then we had our first meeting with the ward mission leader. I could barely stay awake! I’m running on like 2 hours of sleep for the last 2 days. I had to wake up Weds at 2 am to go to the airport, got delayed twice then got to Atlanta (had Five Guys!!!) then flew to Knoxville. Then we go to the mission home and Elder Shaw was snoring like a lil Nicky, or speaking Black Speech from Mordor (Lord of the Rings reference), I couldn’t figure which. Point is I was up all night trying to figure out the quietest way to kill Elder Shaw. It’s crazy what the brain can think of with the right motivation! Hey! I could use that in the mission and not just to devise schemes of revenge.
Well mom thanks for the CD, Love it! Well to leave on a spiritual note here is a quote by President Packer “True doctrine understood changes attitudes and behavior. The study of doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior”
Meaning only through the teaching of Christ can one become truly better in the eyes of God.
Good night ya’ll and God Bless


So last couple days been interesting bt slow. Just trying to get to know the members and the area. My bike took a dump  on me the first day and has been down since. Oh so today we were tracking which by the way, might as well be knocking with my skull! That’s how productive that is, but we were walking home after and this guy pulls over to talk to us. I got all excited hoping it would be one of those golden investigators, It wasn’t. He asked if we read the bible, we said yes and then he goes on to pull the whole “thou shalt not add scripture” crap from Deuteronomy. Then as we go to explain ourselves he cuts us off and says “ya’ll are a cult ad I hope you know that” acting all superior. So by that point I was done with this shmuck and said “your wrong sir” then walked off. Elder McDonald tried to talk a little more but the guy floored it and was gone. This dude was wearing an Ed Hardy shirt and had frost tips and he decides to call us out. But moving on. So besides for that joker its been nice. We have a family already committed to baptism and that’ll be the first one in this area in over a year. So I’m stoked. But today was my first Pday and it was rather lame. We cleaned the apartment, emailed then went shopping and then were stuck at the apartment the rest of the day. The sisters that usually take us to the big zone pday at the park didn’t go so yea….they kinda suck. And Sunday was nice. Went to church, the members are sweet and there is one other U of U fan in the ward so SWEET! And once they found out I played football they swarmed me. A lot of them would grab my arm or something and be like “look at these arms” or “nice traps”. Yes someone said I had nice traps. It was a lil weird cuz I was all “I just met you and you’re touching me, stop touching me” It’s like they’ve never seen a talented and extremely good looking ma before. So I gave them the benefit of the doubt and let them be jealous of my many muscles. It was great talking to the family yesterday and mom: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, I LOVE YOU AND YOU (and copper) KEEP ME GOIN!!
Can someone tell Derek Cowles to stop being a bag of crap and write me! And Mario, Colorado that’s sweet due! I bet your parents were happier than you though. Ha ha Dude I’ve only been out here for a couple weeks but stay positive and there’s a lot  of awesome on a mission but a lot sucks as well. Read the BOM and gain a strong testimony of it because it’s the best tool for conversion you have. I’ve seen that be true already in my life and in others.
Buut all is well, my trainer Elder McDonald is cool, really odd to say the least buy a great guy. We don’t relate at all!! Movies? No! Music? No!  Sport? No!! What do you like?  Books.. oh okay I can read somewhat. What books do you like? Twilight. D-OH!!! This is how the conversation really happened. So you we’re a match made in heaven. But I have figured out why he’s my trainer though. It’s so I stay obedient. He does “everything” by the book and it’s a lil annoying but I’m dealing. He’s not really outgoing so I talk mostly during lessons and can relate and talk to people but he keeps me on the path. I fell asleep one night while he was making calls )he’s the district leader) and he comes in and wakes me up for companion prayer!!! I was pretty ticked buy everyday I have to tell myself why there’s so many rules. Because even though how dumb the rule is such as we’re not allowed to work a lawnmover! That rules are due to one idiot. And I don’t wanna be that idiot where a new rule must be made due to something stupd I did. So Elder MCDonald (and no Luke and Caleb  his name isn’t Ronald) he bugs me a lot! But I love him. Well ya’ll time for bed. Good night and God Bless!

Howdy everyone!
Yesterday was nearly perfect!! It was stake conference and Elder Arnold of the 70 was here. I got to listen to him speak multiple times this weekend. At the Saturday adult session, Main session and a special meeting for investigators/new converts and with the Elders quorum before we went and visited less actives Saturday morning. He spoke so strongly on missionary work and temples. There’s no doubt he is call of the Lord, then we went to an appointment afterwards. It was a referral from members in the ward. But we taught 3 teens. Courtney who is 16, and Evan and Preston who are 14. Courtney has already been going to church and reading and is the driving force behind all this. But we taught them the restoration and extended the baptismal invitation and yes, yes and YES!!! They all said Yes. To hear that has made up for the crap so far. The bike part, tracting, investigators bailing and being told no over and over. We’re trying to be the set ASAP and we hope it works our because they actually don’t live in our ward. They’re from Dalton, GA. About 30 minutes away but they hate it there. And ny them being baptized their mom, grandma and great grandma who are all less actives for years are coming back. The grandmas live in our ward so that’s how we got permission to teach them. But it was awesome and I really was able to talk to them and relate so I loved it. But then we went tracking and it’s really sad when people say I have enough faith in Christ because that’s impossible. As it says in 2Nephi 31: 19-21 just because your on the straight and narrow and have accepted Christ that doesn’t mean your saved. It’s that last principle of the missionary purpose! Enduring to the end!! Its reading and learning as much as you can about Christ, to feel then show that love of Christ always, It’s ENDURING!! And only through the Gospel can you do it. But moving on, we went to a members home for dinner later and it was really good. Had some salmon deal with rice but the salad was just picked from their garden an hour before with homemade dressing. So that was bomb as far as salad goes. Then the best brownies ever!!! Like Holy Crap! But Freisteadter is their name and their sons name is Dieter and he is a boss! Such a cool kid! But as Brother Freisteader was taking us home he told us his conversion story and a story about his grandmothers passing away and getting to give her a blessing being the only member in his family. And it was so strong I started to tear up. His testimony was just powerful and was the perfect way to end the evening. But besides for that I’m reading Marvelous Work and a wonder again and that book is marked up!! I have scriptures from it marked then with what PG# the explanations are and it’s pretty sweet. I also read True restored and Our Heritage so with that and listening to the Joseph CD my knowledge of the restoration and testimony of it has grown so much. It’s my facorite lesson to teach so it’s nice it’s the first one. Oh and Elder Koelliker my zone leader is Sis Reynolds first cousin so let her and Mac know. So that was cool to find out. And I’m giving my welcome talk to the ward Sunday. My topic is based off of Pres Uchtdorf’s talk in last conferences priesthood session “Are you sleeping through the Restoration?”  I slightly remembered it but ead it in this months Ensign and it’s legit. I suggest everyone go read it. IT talks about that we today are still living the restoration of the church with new revelation constantly being revealed. And it’s time for us to “awaken” and help the curch grow and become stronger.
On a more personal note hope all is well with all my family and friends. Please email me! If I don’t answer soon please understand I only get one hour of email time on Mondays. Caleb that sucks about your ankle. I know ankle injuries and they aren’t fun. Just always wear braces when doing any sports! How are those supplements working out for you? It’s been rough here with my companion we are fire and Ice! We are so different. I wish I had Derek out here with me, we would kill it. A shout out to Audra and Amanda who are offended they didn’t get a long email. I’m sorry but so many people want talk to me and it’s hard to please all my admirers But I love you two and thanks for the goodies. I kinda forgot the package was coming so I bought all healthy food to push along weight loss from sweating buckets out here. So I got the box and I was at first like YES! Then crap, I’m get fatter so I’ve been sharing a lot. Good thing Brina types these letters out because if Ya’ll coule see my grammar, spelling and so on you’d think I would be coloring blue ducks all day (for those of you who get that movie reference I thank you)
Weell I’m end my novel. I tired and I still gotta read so love ya’ll and God Bless!!
PS someone send me a list of the NFL draft results