Wednesday, June 17, 2015

April 21

Well Sunday I hit my year mark.Now the # day I've been out begin to become bigger then the amount I have left. Its come too fast. But I've already since the amount of growth in myself and I pray it continues.

Im emailing today due to the fact that yesterday was a Zone Training Meeting.It was good. Had some great trainings about working thru the members of the ward. Thats where the real missionary work gets done. The Bristol ward is waking up and getting excited about the work. Its sweet!!! So due to ZTM our Pday got moved to today. But life is Fan- diddly- tastic!!! We have 5 baptisms lined up with more to follow.
The Bristol 500 was Sunday on my year mark (consequence I THINK NOT)!!!! So all week the town was nuts with fan/hicks/rednecks you name it. Main street had concerts goin all week.
Oh and last night we were heading home and saw a homeless dude. We had some brownies from a member but thought better off he have em. WE parked and gave a fellow  the treats. He knew who we were. He was all like "you Mormons are brainwashed".  Well he thought all religion is brainwashing so you know he's happy. A your Welcome would have nicer but whatever, we just laughed it off (the south is full of crazies).   
Training is great! Elder Milne is a mirror image of Ryan (my cousin) so we get along perfectly.
We just have a ball. Also my district is doing well and great things are happening.
Great area. Great comp. Great district and Great work> what more can I ask for?!

We'll love yall and remember ITS BRISTOL BABY!!!

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