Saturday, November 7, 2015


You guys are awesome. Something I thought of this past week is the blessing on my family back home. With Ryan deciding to serve, Ronnie and Taylor making good choices and the whole family becoming stronger. It's just motivation for me to work harder. These past few weeks I've been studying the concept of " returning and reporting". Mostly on how it can influence my prayers. Prayer has always been something I struggle with. It's not that I don't pray even thou I should pray more but it's the quality. And as I've studied and applied my prayer have improved and have been answered little by little everyday. I can go to my Father innHeaven and set goals and then every day report on what I've done well or didn't do. Then from there revise and grow stronger.
So transfer calls were Saturday and I'm staying in Knox! I'm so stoked. If you would've asked me 6 weeks ago if I wanted to leave I would've been like OH HECK YES.  But now thumbs are looking good. We're planning on 4 baptisms these next couple weeks. It's sweet. 
Halloween was sweet. We had a bonfire at Jerrys ( a returning least active). We had like 12 missionary's there and roasted brats and s'mores. Life was good. 

And for Christmas don't worry about sending stuff. Just save money for either a plane ticket back out here next spring so I can go watch the PERRYS get sealed and new clothes. I'm down to 225 lbs and like a 34 waist. I've had to make like 4 new holes on all my belts. So now of none of my stuff back home will fit.
We'll love ya'll and God Bless

Monday, August 24, 2015

High school football

So this was a good week. Our investigator Lindsey got baptized so
that's always sweet. She was baptized by this kid in our Ward who's
preparing for his mission. He almost drowned her. -__- She didn't go
down all the way so he more pushed down than leaned her back. It was
pretty funny.
We got permission to go to the Powell HS game Friday so support a kid
and his family. Not gunna lie. Got a lil trunky. But TN knows how to
party on Friday nights! They had like booths, vendors and Chick-fil-a
catered. It was legit. They got killed thou, it was 49-7 so yeah. Will
(the kid were teaching) did really well. He was the only bright spot
of that team. Then Saturday was a long day. We went and tried to
contact referrals all day. Nothing. He did thou pull up to the one
trailer in the backwoods that had to wolves. We got out to deliver a
Bible and a super hick with a glock comes out and says "We don't want
none, were baptist." Well forget you bro!
Sunday Lindsey was confirmed and she asked me to do it so that's
always nice. But that night we went to a baptist super church. It was
interesting to say the least. It was just really a rock concert mixes
with political crap. No doctrine. But the people sure got into it. We
got to see some people get saved. In the closing prayer the preacher
was bashing us. It's was pretty funny. We made some new friends so
that's nice.
So that's life in the south to the fullest. Love yall and God Bless
Elder Seth T. Dillard
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Good in the hood

This week was good. Elder Hansen got shipped down to Chattanooga which
was his first area. I got Elder Stark (Iron Man)! He is legit! A lot
quieter than Hansen but we're having a good time. And how could we
not?! Lindsay will be getting baptized Saturday and we found some
legit families to teach! Also I might get to go to a high school
football game in Powell, TN this Friday!! So stoked for that! A Less
active YM plays on the team as a OLineman and of course me and his hit
it off great. He had a lil bro who isn't baptized and I told him he
could baptize him. He liked that just some things we gotta get done
first. We finally have a Area Book app for the IPads which is sweet.
Transferring and putting all the info from paper into the IPad not so
sweet. It takes forever and ever! But once it's done it will be good.
P-Day we went to a golf driving range and hit a few. I lost a club in
a tree. Don't ask how it just happened. I did go Happy Gilmore on a
bunch of them before that happened. I love the country ghetto here.
It's a fine mixed of hick and hood. We that's it for me. Got doors to
knock and people to teach! Love yall and God Bless. And a shout out to
Sabrina in New York. So the whole appointments falling thru and such.
Welcome to the mission lil sis! Haha

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Short and sweet?

This week was good. Our investigator Lindsey is doing awesome and set
to be dunk' d in two weeks.  We are slowly starting to find more
people to teach which is great. Me and Hansen are having a ball.
Transfer call is this upcoming Saturday so we'll see if we stay
together for another round. I also went on exchanges with Elder
Lambert who's from Nashville. He lives in Nashville and got called to
Knoxville...poor kid. Next P-Day we're going Bass fishing so I'm
looking forward to that. That's about it thou.
Love yall and God Bless

Monday, July 27, 2015

News from seth

This week we slow as crap! We got to find some new people to teach. We
did have a great lesson with our investigator Wayne. He is a Jewish
converted Christian. He escape form East Germany during the Cold War.
He's got some stories. Besides that we went on 2 exchanges with some
of the District Leaders in the Zone. We also had our Pioneer Day
celebration Saturday. It's was fun. My comp and I were the obviously
the most qualified to be the judges for the Pie Contest. Also I still
undefeated in stick pull! That's about it thou.
love yall and God Bless
Elder SethT. Dillard

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Howdy from Knoxville TN!! So I have been transferred and am now finally in Knox. My new comp is Elder Hansen. He is from Sparks, NV so got another Nevada boy to hang with. Sorry for the late emails. Yesterday was Zone Training Meeting so our PDay got moved to today. I remember when I enjoyed ZTMs then I became a ZL, now instead of sitting quietly and looking pretty I have to give trainings the entire time ( while of course still looking pretty ). It went good then after Prez made the whole zone sing me "happy bday" so I hated every moment of that. Oh well. Besides for that it's just been getting use to a new ward and area. Bristol is way different than Knox. It's full of crazy people but it's awesome and I actually kind of missed that. 
We're gunna go to UT's stadium and athletic facilities for PDay so I'm stoked for that.
Thanks to all for the Bday wishes and love all yall 

Seth T Dillard