Monday, August 24, 2015

High school football

So this was a good week. Our investigator Lindsey got baptized so
that's always sweet. She was baptized by this kid in our Ward who's
preparing for his mission. He almost drowned her. -__- She didn't go
down all the way so he more pushed down than leaned her back. It was
pretty funny.
We got permission to go to the Powell HS game Friday so support a kid
and his family. Not gunna lie. Got a lil trunky. But TN knows how to
party on Friday nights! They had like booths, vendors and Chick-fil-a
catered. It was legit. They got killed thou, it was 49-7 so yeah. Will
(the kid were teaching) did really well. He was the only bright spot
of that team. Then Saturday was a long day. We went and tried to
contact referrals all day. Nothing. He did thou pull up to the one
trailer in the backwoods that had to wolves. We got out to deliver a
Bible and a super hick with a glock comes out and says "We don't want
none, were baptist." Well forget you bro!
Sunday Lindsey was confirmed and she asked me to do it so that's
always nice. But that night we went to a baptist super church. It was
interesting to say the least. It was just really a rock concert mixes
with political crap. No doctrine. But the people sure got into it. We
got to see some people get saved. In the closing prayer the preacher
was bashing us. It's was pretty funny. We made some new friends so
that's nice.
So that's life in the south to the fullest. Love yall and God Bless
Elder Seth T. Dillard
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