Saturday, May 10, 2014

 im not com in back. vegas sucks compared to TN. only here can i see a couple shirtless rednecks throwing axes and shooting fire arrows at a tree. yes i saw this happen. its so beautiful  here. its all green. and theres so many lakes and rivers that i can't touch. its rather frustrating. well gotta go and God Bless

i'm good. I've writing a bunch of other letters but gonna wait til i get to TN to send em. I leave tonight and have a 2 hour layover in Atlanta GA then to Knoxville. Speaking of i just found out that i  am allowed to call home when i get to Atlanta!!!!!  Ital be 1 there so that will make it 10 in Vegas. and thanks for the garments! I've taking some pictures but the computers at the MTC wont allow uploads so ill do that also in TN. Can you have day resend me danielles email? i thought i added it to my contacts but i didnt. My friends heading to Autins mission left last night. Elder Wion the vegas hommie and Sis Loftis (Sis Scotts lil sis) and Sis Beard. have you found or talked to sis scott? Sis lofis's name is Mackenzie or Silvana  she goes by either. Its been  a lil rough the last couple days companion wise. Im surrounded by all those self righteous mormons i hated in high school. this one sister was boobing because she's read the book of mormon 12 times and i've read it like once and i know more than her.  i try to tell her that i dont know that much but shes wont listen so im just like SHUT UP i wanna punch you.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

     Howdy! Today is my first Sunday in the MTC. It was nice. No classes for 3 three hour segments! We had Zone/ District meeting and discussed the new missionaries coming on Wednesday. My companion, the Sister training leader and I planned the New Elder/ Sister welcome thing. We had sacrament and the zone leaders had to sit on the stand so that was weird. But Elder Shaw was funny to watch. Elder Shaw is Elder Wien's companion and they share a dorm room with us. Poor guy can't stay awake no matter what. He fell asleep grabbing something out of his pocket so he had the paper had out of his suit jacket and was frozen like that.
     Sister Loftis patted me on the shoulder today, I'm surprised we weren't struck by lightning due to the fact  Elders and Sisters CAN ONLY  shake hands.... AND THAT IS IT! The teachers made that very clear. Well after that heat brush with eternal damnation we went to a devotional. Brother Allen spoke! He's the producer of the District series. Speaking of the District Elder Neis from the show is one of our zone teachers! He is AWESOME!! But back to Brother Allen He spoke alot about the challenges we face on missions and how to overcome. Then we got to watch a film. We had a choice from four films we choose " Joseph Smith" And "The Restoration." It was incredible, to see on a screen all the pain he went through to bring the gospel it was inspiring! It makes me want to work that much harder and make Brother Smith proud.
     And dad I found your testimony in my bag. I started to read it and even thou Elder Udy was telling me a story I blanked out and began to cry. Thank you for that! It was powerful and even thou my testimony isn't as brainy as yours i want you to know I know the church is true. I know it for a fact and no one can tell me otherwise. And I strive to gain knowledge of the gospel to back up that knowing. Sorry for all the spelling errors and pen marks. It is late and I am tired when I write these. I also love this gospel and I know what power it holds, "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God."

God Bless
    Hello again audience! ( a little Tobuscus reference for Caleb and Luke) MTC is still awesome! TOday in class we spoke about how to Invite, Commit and Follow-up. We talked about how Christ asked direct questions to whoever he was teaching couldn't beat around the bush. Also later we focused on the Restoration  is all centered around Jesus Christ and the Atonement. Also how to plan a lesson and determine what a investigator needs to hear. Next week me and my companion get to meet with a real investigator thou. Iowana is her name and she's from Africa I believe. Im stoked, but for real tho! I'm ready to get in the field and kill it! Well that is really it so love y'all and God Bless!

Friday, May 2, 2014

     MTC is still legit. Whoever said it was a boring place can be shot. Classes are amazing. Today we talked about the Doctrine of Christ and Revelation threw prayer and how to extend a proper baptismal invitation. At first I'd rush threw it but then I had to slow down. My teacher said not to rush so much so I decided to say it as if  I was performing a ordinance at the temple.
     We also explained what and how to pray to investigators. Chris is the guy's name and he said praying was like talking to nothing. It was awesome because I just read the perfect scripture this morning during study. It's D&C 9: 6-8 where it says "the Spirit of Revelation is the same that lead Moses and his people across the Red Sea on dry land." Something that can do that isn't nothing and can answer anything we ask.
     My teacher Brother Moore also tole me a story from President Packer. The story goes is he was at at mission devotional and brought some amazing cake. He asked who would like a slice. Everyone wanted one of course. President Packer picked an elder who came up, he cut him a slice and threw it at his face. Everyone was shocked and no one else wanted one except for one Sister. She came up and President Packer cut her a slice and handed it to her. At first I had no idea what this had to do with anything. Brother Moore then proceeded to tell me that the gospel was the cake. Sometimes we get so excited as to teach the gospel that we throw it in the investigators face and overwhelm them. But you serve them one slice at a time and let them eat and understand. And enjoy the Spirit.
     Also we've talked alot about our purpose. We've beat it to death, but then I thought about the story dad told about the apostle who was the dirty little Irish boy and the missionary who thought he had an unsuccessful mission. That came into my mind outta nowhere and that is when I found my purpose. To find my dirty little redneck boy. Id i get one young man to even consider a mission seriously I feel I'd be successful!!!
    I also love the fact my scriptures were naked when I got here but I've highlighted like 8 scriptures at least a day and each one had helped me understand the gospel 10 fold.

Day 3
     I've only been here for two days and I've learned more about the gospel than seminary, EFY and church combined. No offense to the home ward and we all know why i didn't learn much in seminary.
     My district is amazing! The Elders and Sisters are awesome. It's funny one of the sisters, Sister Loftis is the younger sister of Sister Scott in our ward. She kept trying to tell me where her sister was in Vegas, but she couldn't remember much. Then she said the manager of Imagine Dragons was in it and I just started laughing. She looked at me like I was insane til I told her why it was funny. But Sister Loftis is going to North Carolina too with Austin. Well gotta go and as they say in the South.
God Bless!
Seth Dillard