Saturday, May 10, 2014

 im not com in back. vegas sucks compared to TN. only here can i see a couple shirtless rednecks throwing axes and shooting fire arrows at a tree. yes i saw this happen. its so beautiful  here. its all green. and theres so many lakes and rivers that i can't touch. its rather frustrating. well gotta go and God Bless

i'm good. I've writing a bunch of other letters but gonna wait til i get to TN to send em. I leave tonight and have a 2 hour layover in Atlanta GA then to Knoxville. Speaking of i just found out that i  am allowed to call home when i get to Atlanta!!!!!  Ital be 1 there so that will make it 10 in Vegas. and thanks for the garments! I've taking some pictures but the computers at the MTC wont allow uploads so ill do that also in TN. Can you have day resend me danielles email? i thought i added it to my contacts but i didnt. My friends heading to Autins mission left last night. Elder Wion the vegas hommie and Sis Loftis (Sis Scotts lil sis) and Sis Beard. have you found or talked to sis scott? Sis lofis's name is Mackenzie or Silvana  she goes by either. Its been  a lil rough the last couple days companion wise. Im surrounded by all those self righteous mormons i hated in high school. this one sister was boobing because she's read the book of mormon 12 times and i've read it like once and i know more than her.  i try to tell her that i dont know that much but shes wont listen so im just like SHUT UP i wanna punch you.

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