Saturday, May 3, 2014

     Howdy! Today is my first Sunday in the MTC. It was nice. No classes for 3 three hour segments! We had Zone/ District meeting and discussed the new missionaries coming on Wednesday. My companion, the Sister training leader and I planned the New Elder/ Sister welcome thing. We had sacrament and the zone leaders had to sit on the stand so that was weird. But Elder Shaw was funny to watch. Elder Shaw is Elder Wien's companion and they share a dorm room with us. Poor guy can't stay awake no matter what. He fell asleep grabbing something out of his pocket so he had the paper had out of his suit jacket and was frozen like that.
     Sister Loftis patted me on the shoulder today, I'm surprised we weren't struck by lightning due to the fact  Elders and Sisters CAN ONLY  shake hands.... AND THAT IS IT! The teachers made that very clear. Well after that heat brush with eternal damnation we went to a devotional. Brother Allen spoke! He's the producer of the District series. Speaking of the District Elder Neis from the show is one of our zone teachers! He is AWESOME!! But back to Brother Allen He spoke alot about the challenges we face on missions and how to overcome. Then we got to watch a film. We had a choice from four films we choose " Joseph Smith" And "The Restoration." It was incredible, to see on a screen all the pain he went through to bring the gospel it was inspiring! It makes me want to work that much harder and make Brother Smith proud.
     And dad I found your testimony in my bag. I started to read it and even thou Elder Udy was telling me a story I blanked out and began to cry. Thank you for that! It was powerful and even thou my testimony isn't as brainy as yours i want you to know I know the church is true. I know it for a fact and no one can tell me otherwise. And I strive to gain knowledge of the gospel to back up that knowing. Sorry for all the spelling errors and pen marks. It is late and I am tired when I write these. I also love this gospel and I know what power it holds, "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God."

God Bless

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