Monday, April 28, 2014

Quick Blurb from the Elder

caleb the password is 6464.(regarding his phone) that fact you couldnt figure that out makes you a tard. but my letters should be there soon, i feel they are awesome. the perfect blend of my humor and plenty of spiritual things and some references to movies and much that keep the reading interesting. love yal and as they say in the south. God Bless.
Question thou? who is using my ipod because if it's broken or filled with miley cyrus (caleb!!!) i will rebuke thee for listening to such vile filth!!!! haha speaking of im in a district full of celebs!!!
one sister looks like ms. cyrus but back in the cute days. one looks like Jennifer lawrence so yes caleb ill send you a picture. and one looks and sounds just like Bernadette from Big Bang Theory. 
MTC Day 2

     So today my companion and I were made zone leaders of our group of Elders and Sisters and the one that arrives next Wednesday. Classes were great, learned alot about how to use the fundamentals of the gospel to Christs' principles. But back to being a zone leader, I don't think much will change with my district, but those noobs better watch out! ( Brina note: notice how it is all of day two and he is calling kids noobs already.) Imma treat the new kids like I've been here for years. Elder Udy taught me all these cool knots for ties so now I look even better! Hard to believe it I know. One of the sisters today kept talking about and showing us pictures of her cat. I was thinking to myself, "Copper would chew that ugly thing." So, then I for a little sad because I miss him so bad. I miss everybody! I've read like everyone's little piece they wrote in my journal. F.Y.I Faith everyone thinks my journal is so cool, thanks! But I've read that thing over and over and over. Especially yours mom and dad even tho I can't understand a lot of it due to the fact neither can write but I feel your love.
     The MTC is nothing like I thought it would be. It's amazing here, I feel the Spirit so strong all day yet I'm really enjoying ,myself. Like I was playing Bball during gym today and when this Elder threw an obvious elbow which now I have lump on my face so that is lovely.... But i wasn't even mad... okay maybe a little but the Spirit is so strong here that I didn't even care that my face hurt the rest of the day.
     But question.... Where is my mail?!?!?! My district shares a mailbox and I'm the only one who didn't get anything!! Im just kidding I dont reallu care that much but if you do or anyone reading this blog does need my address is:

Elder Seth Thomas Dillard
2007 N 900 E Unit 60
Provo UT 84602

Until May 6, or email me at

And Brina, make my blog awesome. Design it as I would and I love you. (Note: you wouldn't make one if you had to, I asked you to help! And you said no.)
Caleb/ Luke train hard and kill it!
Ramie I miss you and you nonsense.
Mom stop crying ! Love you
Dad good luck with Jr. Bulldogs and
Copper "Aroo-roo-roo-rooo!!!!" ( Note: I'll try to convey the message)

Love y'all
Seth Dillard

MTC Day 1

     So my first day in the MTC was interesting, first that pilot needs to be fired! I was sick the entire flight, then the shuttle guy drives like Grandpa Randy so the sickness continued. But I met Elder Urion who was on the same flight as me and he is heading out to Austin Braiser's mission in North Carolina! My companion is Elder Udy, he is chill and we get along really well and he's going to Tennessee too.
     Okay, funny story and I'm not lying Udy will back me up. So I walk into the MTC from the shuttle and I see this Sister who was least to say good looking. Like she was "really really ridiculously good looking." (Zoolander Voice) So she sits in front of me, her name is Sister Tiggins then she starts to talk to me. And as we were talking and then asks where I am going, I tell her. She proceeds to say and I quote," Come back with a Southern accent and find me!" Honestly,  I had no idea what to say to that, I suspect she was joking around but that was a shock to hear from a Sister I just met in the MTC. But there was some truth in her voice but that is not the point.
     So later I checked in my room and met my zone, really cool people! And MOM, all the guys in my forn are jealous of my T-shirt quilt so you rock! I went to class which was actually pretty cool. Then, we did this thing were a real investigator came in the front of like thirty elders and sisters so it was like 30 v. 1. And I feel I have an advantage because the only people who were talking to this young lady was all the perfect life Provo kids and me. Like none of them could understand where she was coming from and kept changing the subject, once I would get her to open up!!!!! But the day was pretty good overall but the real class stats tomorrow so the struggle begins. Well, I miss y'all Dad, Mom, Brina, Caleb, Luke , Ramie, and Copper also all other family and friends.

Love, Seth

Sunday, April 27, 2014


This blog is for to help us share Elder Dillard's letters and experiences, he can't see this blog. So if you comment he won't get to see it. You can always write him if you want to talk to Seth personally. We are excited to hear of his adventures and Spiritual experiences and love to share it with you.