Monday, April 28, 2014

Quick Blurb from the Elder

caleb the password is 6464.(regarding his phone) that fact you couldnt figure that out makes you a tard. but my letters should be there soon, i feel they are awesome. the perfect blend of my humor and plenty of spiritual things and some references to movies and much that keep the reading interesting. love yal and as they say in the south. God Bless.
Question thou? who is using my ipod because if it's broken or filled with miley cyrus (caleb!!!) i will rebuke thee for listening to such vile filth!!!! haha speaking of im in a district full of celebs!!!
one sister looks like ms. cyrus but back in the cute days. one looks like Jennifer lawrence so yes caleb ill send you a picture. and one looks and sounds just like Bernadette from Big Bang Theory. 

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