Saturday, November 7, 2015


You guys are awesome. Something I thought of this past week is the blessing on my family back home. With Ryan deciding to serve, Ronnie and Taylor making good choices and the whole family becoming stronger. It's just motivation for me to work harder. These past few weeks I've been studying the concept of " returning and reporting". Mostly on how it can influence my prayers. Prayer has always been something I struggle with. It's not that I don't pray even thou I should pray more but it's the quality. And as I've studied and applied my prayer have improved and have been answered little by little everyday. I can go to my Father innHeaven and set goals and then every day report on what I've done well or didn't do. Then from there revise and grow stronger.
So transfer calls were Saturday and I'm staying in Knox! I'm so stoked. If you would've asked me 6 weeks ago if I wanted to leave I would've been like OH HECK YES.  But now thumbs are looking good. We're planning on 4 baptisms these next couple weeks. It's sweet. 
Halloween was sweet. We had a bonfire at Jerrys ( a returning least active). We had like 12 missionary's there and roasted brats and s'mores. Life was good. 

And for Christmas don't worry about sending stuff. Just save money for either a plane ticket back out here next spring so I can go watch the PERRYS get sealed and new clothes. I'm down to 225 lbs and like a 34 waist. I've had to make like 4 new holes on all my belts. So now of none of my stuff back home will fit.
We'll love ya'll and God Bless

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