Wednesday, June 17, 2015

MAy 18

Sup Ya'll!!! so this week was pretty good. Whenever you have a baptism its gotta be a good week. The Clays boys are awesome and Bradley will be getting the Aaronic Priesthood soon. Besides for that ummmmmm... oh yeah! We got in a car wreck on Friday. People in the South cannot drive for real!!  But me and my comp are all good and now we're on bikes til its fixed (sad panda). The Bristol ward is fetchin' awesome!!! The ward is going some awesome missionary work and love us to death. Transfer call we're Saturday night and Im staying to finish training Milne!!!! I love this kid sooo much. and Gene is getting baptized Saturday so thats too legit.

Our Investigators the Perry's are the coolest people ever!!!! Chris (the dad) is a giant Randall Cunningham fan (UNLV baby). Kathy is so awesome. The spirit is so strong with her, and her desire to be more passionate about the gospel. She came to the Clays baptism and someone asked her if she was getting baptized. "Yup! June 13th!" with no hesitation. IT WAS DOPE.
OK so funny sorry of the week.

So we got a referral form the Kirkland Temple this week so we went to contact him. His name was Jordan and he is a interesting dude to say the least. We were talking about Joseph Smith then he just randomly turns to Elder Mine and asked if he was a christian. Milne replied yes obviously. The Jordan says "well you seem rather resentful towards Christ'' then goes off on some tangent about demons possessing people. So long story short Milne is possessed   by demons. Then we say him again Friday and as soon as Milne ted to teach Jordan said 'Bye Bye" and walked away. This guys doesn'tlike Milne and its kinda funny. He felt a lil bad but I just told him not everyone is gunna like you and move on.

Well thats it for me. I got people to teach, people to baptize. Love yall and God Bless
Elder Seth T. Dillard

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