Monday, June 29, 2015

Letter 6/28/15

so the transfer call was saturday. and Im am outta here. crap. and i also have been called as a zone leader. double crap.

In all my other area I've been kinda ready to leave but here its different. I dont know why but I just dont wanna leave. The people and everything I've experienced here is beyond what I can put into words. this email will be short but i will share one thing.

  Yesterday i had the most spiritual experience of my mission.
Our investigators who got baptized 2 weeks ago the Perrys ha s a awesome day yesterday.
The family consits of Chris (the father) Kathy (mom) and Alex (14 year old son). The have been on fire. Kathys been fighting anti on facebook. Alex went to scout camp and chris came out and taught with us.  But yesterday chris and alex received the priesthood. Chris asked me to ordain him a priest which was awesome. but the best was watching him give his own son alex the same priesthood and ordaining him a deacon. as i stood in that circle I was fighting back tears. Whichs sucks because im getting transferred  but that being my last sunday in Bristol is more than a blessing. I love this gospel so much and what it does for me. I going to miss Milne alot. Im hoping to get transferred to Knoxville. Maybe I can befriend a  UT fan and go to a VOLS game. haha 
Im so excited form my lil sister Sabrina on here leaving last week for her mission. For those of you who dont know she is heading to the Utica, New York mission. Im so proud of her and know this will change her forever. and if your about to send me mail wait til I get to my new area. and if you werent planning on sending me mail, do it anyways. I love dill pickle spitz and slim jims.

for the last time ITS BRISTOL BABY!

Elder Seth Thomas Dillard

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