Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 8

Sup yall. So this week was good. Things are starting  to pick up again which is always good. We gots a baptism this Saturday!!!! The Perrys are soo ready and the ward LOVES them. Chris got a local trucking job with Pepsi, so he will always be able to go to church rather than being on the road.  The ward is so stoked! This will be the first family baptism since forever ago. Last Monday our E.Q. Prez had the Perrys over for dinner/FHE and it was awesome. I found out what Alabama Kool-Aid is. Its just water. -__- Brother Filetti said they had Alabama Kool-Aid so I was excited (cuz Kool-Aid is awesome) so I asked where it was. He told me the faucet. Its a poor joke but it wasnt funny at the moment. Alex (the son) also went to the youth fireside and had a blast. I just love seeing this changes in people especially a whole family! What A Blessing!
We also got a temp. car til ours is repaired. Its a old corolla but the passenger doesnt work so Milne has to Dukes of Hazard  into the window. Its great! Me and Milne also had our first doorstep Bible Bash session as a companionship. People are funny. Milne was scared so that was funny to see. He started to yell so we just walked away without saying anything. Pisses me off but oh well the mission life. The Perrys also fed us and Kathy made banana puddin' from scratch. Mercy thats stuff was heavenly!

Well thats about it for this week. Love yall and God Bless.
Elder Seth T. Dillard 

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