Wednesday, June 17, 2015

May 26

Wassup yall! this week was full of mixed feeling. Our investigator Gene got baptized so thats awesome! He asked me to baptize him so I felt extremely honored. We had to do weekly planning this week, its when we set goals for lessons and such for the upcoming week. But we have a goal for baptisms and for the first time in 3 weeks we had to put 0 as a goal. I got kinda use to a baptism every week so it was a lil depressing. Oh well, more are to follow soon.
 It was also me and Elder Milne's first full week on bikes (please kill me). Bikes were cool in Chattanooga because our area was tiny but Bristol is massive!!! We cross the Tennessee/ Virginia line EVERYDAY! So we had to rely on alot of member team-ups to take us to appointments which is what we're supposed to do anyways so SWEET.
 We had a lesson with our Investigators the Perry's and they are studs! They have been so prepared to receive the gospel. They are set to be baptized in June. And they are planning on going to the Indiana temple open house in July. It was sweet! So they announced the open house in church and Chris the husband was already planning  on doing to Indiana for a convention on the same weekend. So when we had dinner with them he was saying how theres no way it was coincidence so they HAD to go. It was dope.
 Transfers were also this week but I get to stay another transfer with Milne and finish training him. We have to much fun and GET WORK DONE!
We'll thats it for me.
Love yall and God Bless
Elder Seth T. Dillard

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