Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23
from seth
ok the walmart transaction are atm withdrawals. when i went to pay for my suits my card didnt work because i set a daily spending limit of 5 bucks. so my companion was nice enough to cover me at the store so i took out the cash to pay him back right away. then i got them and another of my suit jackets tailored. i still have money. its in cash hidden away in the apartment i i dont carry it around. and im fine. im not trying to run you dry. dont send me anything. thats fine. i can send pics of the suits if youd like. im not trying to play you. im really trying to budget. its hard but im improving little by little. 

in other news that stinks about grandma. i knew when i left thatd be the last time i see her. but thats great about brina going to the temple. thats was one of the coolest moments of my life. being in the celestial room by myself for a min or 2 then everyone i loved joining me. just like how it will be later on.
this week was good. i was sick and out of commission one day by besides that a great week. last night we had a lesson and dinner with a investigator Ms. Rush. she is 77 and has been taught by elders for 2 years. she knows it all and believes but just wont commit. but we had a amazing lesson. she is struggling with her church. the spirit was so strong and she commited to pray about being baptized on april 4th. shes like the mission grandma! and she can cook!!!!!! we had chicken alfredo and it was so good. and she likes me because im a fat boy who will keep eating. besides that we have a few investigators who are so close to a date!! Bristol is great. and crap time flys!!!!! these last 4 transfers have flown by. its crazy to. i look in the mirror and see someone completely different. someone im proud to see. i have been dreaming alot lately about coming home and getting all my wayword friends back on track. life is good and thats the simple way top put it.

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