Monday, March 23, 2015

March 16

this week was good. a lil slow at first but really picked up near the end. 
The APs and ZLs came to district meeting so i was a lil nervous but got over that rather quickly. After district meeting we when on exchanges and one of the APs Elder Searle came with me. It was great. he was trained in this area so had alot of great insight and knew alot of the people. one of the highlights was we went and saw Ms. Rush.. She is a older woman whos been investigating forever. She loved Searle when he serve here so we had to go over. it was a amazing lesson. you could cut the spirit with a knife. we just kept prodding her to commit to a date. she knows its true but is just scared to commit. she is so close thou!!!! we'll be buggin her alot this week. afterwards we when to a burger joint called burger bar for dinner. its awesome! the owners used to investigate the church and love missionaries. they even have a mormon burger! there was a news team there and me and Elder Searle got interviewed. is was pretty cool.
We also had Stake conference for the Kingsport Satke this weekend. Elder Meredith of the Seventy came along with Prez Griffin and its was great!  Alot of converts bore their testimonies and alot was focused on "bringing back the one" whether it be a less-active or people visiting. To be honest better than any stake conference back home. now thats nothing against Prez Harper or Tew but theres just so many converts coming from so many religions that you can just feel the sincerity. I dont know what it is maybe im just more spiritually intune. who knows.right now im reading Teachings og the Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith. I love to learn about him and his teachings. i really just truly enjoy studying the gospel. learning more so i can help those i come in contact with. well thats about it for me. Ill pray for Great Grandma.
I love yall and God Bless 

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