Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 9, 2015

This week was good. got alot of lesson and 6 new investigators so thats awesome, my comp is going home in a few weeks and is getting trunkier by the day but oh well. i've dealt with this before.
we are teaching some pretty interesting people.( a messianic jew, a family who the head of the household is a southern baptist preacher and a drug addict). so yeah lots of fun.
i love bristol!!! it's such a legit city. we're gunna go take a tour of the speedway one of these pdays. and the race is coming up and theres a chance i could go to the saturday races!!!!!
Im coming to learn that not only can I help people come closer to christ but other (outside of the church) can help me. its cool to feel of other peoples spirits and grow. I finished reading Jesus the Christ yesterday and love it. I actually look forward to our study periods in the mornings now. I love learning about the gospel and trying to gain any new knowledge i can.

thats really is thou. 

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