Monday, June 16, 2014


     Sup y'all last week was pretty good. We taught James Stone the football kid at UTC. It was amazing! We taught The Restoration, thank goodness for the Spirit thou because our teaching flow was a little off but he understood and was asking great questions. We kinda went off course for a little bit due to the fact he had a lot of questions about the prophets and apostles of today and how they are called. But we explained that then moved on. He said he would take Moroni's challenge and read and pray about the truthfulness of the BoM. He also committed that if he comes to find the BoM is true he will be baptized! It was legit! So after that we went and played bball and it was difficult to say the least. The guys made lame calls because we were killing 'em. There was this one guy thou who was no joke 10X's worse than me when it comes to fouling, and of course he was guarding me. He was grabbing me, slapping my arms and hands, he got me once in the jaw with an elbow but the worse was when I was going for an easy lay up. HE then just shoves me and I fall and roll into the barrier between the gym and the chapel, I burst into the chapel then some nice "soft" fold-up chairs stopped me. Luckily, I was wearing my new high tops so I didn't roll my ankle or worse. I wanted to kill this guy, but I decided to calm down and blow it off. We had some priests there and James our investigator so I tried to set an example. The guy is lucky well because if I did want to go after him there was no Brother Edwards to hold me back like with Deaver. OHHHH!!! He also brought his wife to play! So when they won it was because of her and our not guarding her. But that is my rant.
      The Lewis kids called us this week with great news, they set a baptism date! It's June the 28, but the best part is when the mom told us something that her son said Evan and I quote," What they said was strong and I really understand it." That has been the biggest blessing in my mission so far. We usually feels Evan is just there and lost when we teach so to hear that, the Spirit basically slapped me in the face. Sorry to cut it short but gotta go.
   Love y'all and God Bless
Elder Seth Dillard

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