Monday, June 16, 2014

 Howdy y’all

          Hope all is well, so I gave my new elder in the ward talk Sunday. People said I did well, but I feel I talked way to fast. But something funny happened! So this young lady who is 17 in our ward Madison works at the mall. And there is this kinda off guy named Corey who is also 21. He has been asking for Madison’s number for weeks but she is obviously not interested, but through talking around he finds out she is LDS and then he proceeds to go online to find the times of the local wards. Only two wards meet at our building (even though it’s the stake center which is weird.) one at 9 and ours at 11. He showed up at 9, then waited there til our ward arrived. So sacrament goes on and Madison of course is shocked to see him. He was all expecting to go to class with her, but my companion and I drug him to Gospel Principles and Elder’s quorum he moaned and whined for a little bit then started asking some really good questions. I think he actually built some interest in the church. So we gave him a BoM and are trying to possibly teach him. Also every time he introduced himself he'd be like... "I'm Corey and I here cuz of a really cute girl!" Everyone would laugh, but he did that a lot. I finally leaned over and said, "Dude you need to chill a little, you are gonna piss off a daddy!" He basically blew me off so i was thinking your funeral.
     The best part is we had dinner with Madison's family that night. The home teachers were over too and we kept teasing her. She actually wasn't there for awhile because her dad said he invited Corey. Ahhh, good mission times!
    Besides from that we went and played some bball (Mom i used some money to buy high tops so i don't kill an ankle... forgive me) but we played with the Elders and came in contact with an awesome investigator named James Stone. He is 20, baptist, works at a Sporting Good Store and walked on the University of TN, Chattanooga football team. So we had tons to talk about. It was awesome because without knowing it I was relating everything back to the gospel! We talked about high school, college, NFL, injuries, BYU honor code just stuff like that. Now we have an appointment to teach him be bball this week!! SO STOKED!!!
      So for the humidity I bought a little magic sweat towel. It is called the," frogg toggs colling chilly pad towel." It's magic! Dad I strongly suggest you get a few for football and the gym. It keeps me cool and not nasty from sweat after biking.. but moving on.
     the Lewis' kids that committed to baptism  are awesome. Courtney is already talking about a mission, it was so cool! She'd leave around the same time as Brina actually. And the boys Evan and Preston are starting to get it and talk with us. We just need to get our answer from the stake. They live in another wardbut some crap happened but by coming to our ward they reactivate their grandmother and mom. So they need to be baptized in our ward!!! Also that family the Moffits have hit a speed bum, the wife is ready to be baptized but won't do it without her husband who won't pay tithing. I know we are supposed to love all but some need a tough love punch to the face. They were soooooo close. I invite all to read President Uchtdoffs talk from the last priesthood session, " Are you sleeping during the Restoration?" it's the theme I spoke on Sunday. Read it then awaken!! Do all you can to build Christ's kingdom. Serve with all your heart, might mind and strength that you may be able to give the Lord a solid report of the work you did on Earth. I look forward to being called to Missouri to build a city of God. Awaken and prepare yourselves! Stay close to the Spirit and close to Christ, I wish y'all the best and GOD BLESS!\Elder Seth Dillard

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