Tuesday, December 2, 2014

hey. whats up. this week was slow due to thanksgiving and everyone outta town. Elder Titus is being transferred so i'll be getting a new comp. i hope he is normal and not a nerd-bomber. we'll se thou.
tell nick to email me! i dont have his current one.
hows everything with yall? caleb healing up? hows luke?
and i would like the "missionary's little book'' series from the ldsbookstore and a copy of the great apostasy by talmage.
This week and had a total Seth realization.
I was thinking about what i was thankful for and thinking of the usual stuff like family and the church (which i am truly grateful for but thats not the epiphany i had). But i am truly greatful for football. now before you start thinking what a moron hear me out.
i had a confirmation this week that im only at this point in my life because of football. because of ball i met so many men i look up to. before i gave prayer a honest try the only reason i knew God was around was because of experiences in football. because i went and played at Snow i met trevor lowe who said just the right thing so id start to pull my head out. i know football  was a factor to my mission calling to the south. and it made me realize how much my Father in Heaven loves me and knows me. He knew that through football id learn the lessons i need to progress even if most of those lesson were through hard trails.
And i know without a shadow of a doubt football was placed in my life by a loving Heavenly Father. Now I have a love for Him and the gospel even stronger than my love for football. and if thats possible how can it not be true? if being out in the mission field brings me more joy than ever in my life. how can it not be true?
i love this gospel more than anything because i now know my Father in Heaven loves me more than that. He know each and everyone of us. He loved us so he sent his only begotten. He set up a plan to return to him. We just need suck up our pride and endure.

I love yall and God Bless

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